Knights of the North Pas d’Armes XVI 03/05/2014

Knights of the North Pas d’Armes XV


Let it be it made known to all Barons, Knights, squires, man at arms and all who enjoy the combative arts within the Kingdom of Lochac, that the Knights of the North, being the Baronies of River Haven and St Florian de la Riviere, and the Shire of Willoughbyvale, whose names follow:

Sir Agro Agwesi 
Sir Alaric of Bangor
Sir Leofric Willoughby de Broke
Sir Baine of St Florian 
Sir Draco of Yorvich
Sir Gabriel de Beaumont 
Sir Somerled of Redcliffe 
Sir Lorcan of River Haven 
Sir Rufus Adycote of Mynheniot 
Sir Steffan Glaube
Sir Bran na torcdubh mac Brude
Sir Edmund of Shotley
Sir Henri de Montferrant
Sir Gustav Richardsson

will guard and defend a pas d’armes for the 14th year, situated on Fair Fields of St Florian on this Third day of May AS 48.

A table will be provided for those who would like to participate in a  period potluck.  All participants are encouraged to lavishly display heraldry.


Date:                03/05/2014
Address:           Fairfield Park, Fairfield Road, Fairfield. Parking on Cameron Street.
Inspection:        13:30 hours 
Start:                14:00 hours
Cost:                 $5 inc GST.
                         Children under 16 free.
                         The additional cost of Event membership being $5 applies to all non members. 
Steward:           Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora
Contact:            0412 525 987 or

Hardship cases considered, please contact the Steward. Volunteers needed, please contact the steward. 


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