About MoralezBeaumont

  • MoralezBeaumont is a proud household of the Kingdom of Lochac bearing the simple device of a badger rampant to sinister argent and holds the prestige of being the inaugural  member of the Company of the Pride of Lochac which is awarded to those groups such as households who provide noteworthy contribution to the SCA. Members of this household reside all over Lochac as well as a few members who have opted to move overseas.
  • The household is the combined households of Duquessa Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora and Duke Sir Master Gabriel de Beamont, the founding Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere. The household is made up of students (and students who have graduated) of Constanzia and Gabriel, as well as other people who might aspire to improve themselves.  We hope to provide a supportive environment where people feel challenged and motivated to improve themselves and the SCA around them.
  • MoralezBeaumont fits the Peer-a-mid model possibly the best out of the various models out there. (eg Peers at the head, with their students, then associated parties such as partners of students etc). It is a consultative leadership model – where the group will provide feedback and Gabriel/Constanzia listen and considers but the final decision rests with them. As the household members are usually far more talented and clever than Gabriel & Constanzia, their suggestions generally are followed through with.  If Gabriel & Constanzia can’t agree, who cares the most wins….. Which may take all of 2 seconds, or several days to come to a decision which is how we ended up with a Badger. (Gabriel wanted the badger, Constanzia thought it would be too difficult to reproduce well…. but couldn’t come up with a better suggestion so after several days of trying to convince each other, Gabriel won). As some of our household members are peers and have students, we refer to this as the “Badger Archipelago”. We do our best to try and look out for each other and to do well.